I am always excited about fall clothing! As the air gets crisp and fresh, luscious sweaters, jackets, boots, and tights make their triumphant return! As tempting as it is to stockpile and hoard all the soft and beautiful things, keep in mind that this is also the time of year when we singers are living out of suitcases, crashing on couches, and stuffing our luggage into overhead baggage bins, and dragging it for miles to get to our next audition or homestay. For this reason, Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons to try out a capsule wardrobe! You will be sure to run into everyone you’ve ever met, so you don’t want to repeat outfits too often, and yet having fewer items to lug around with you will make your life a million times better. Here is a complete capsule that fits into a medium suitcase and supplied me with all the clothes I needed for 2 complete months abroad. I am proud to say that I only repeated one or two outfits…and that was because I REALLY loved them. You can make even smaller capsules for shorter trips and switch items in and out for variety.


-Everything (not including some cocktail and formal wear that I left at home), can fit into a medium suitcase

-Everything falls within a similar or complimentary color palate for optimum mixing and matching ability and every item can be worn in multiple looks

-Since shoes take up the most suitcase real estate, for this trip I chose only 3 pairs (two pairs of comfortable heels for auditions and nights out and one pair of everyday ankle boots)

-Most of the outfits can be worn with at least two of the three shoe options, and many can be worn with all three

-Statement jewelry adds interest and color, can take outfits from day to evening, and can make the same outfit look entirely different







PACKED but not worth photographing
-Socks and underwear/undergarments (duh)
-Black, gray, and maroon tights
-Thermal leggings and long sleeve thermal top
-My super comfy PJ’s (they have dogs in various stages of bath time on them)
-1 set of yoga clothes
-1 pair of sweatpants