We get it. Not everyone is a professional photographer and you don’t have to be to list on shoperatic.com. If you list a large quantity of items, you might want to invest in some of these products to show off your inventory. I always suggest photographing using natural light and as blank of a background as you can muster up! 

Please purchase any items you decide to buy using the links that we’ve provided. You can click the picture or the caption underneath to be redirected. A percentage of purchase you make through the use of these links goes toward the advancement of Shoperatic.com!

I remember some of my early listings on Opera Diva Dress Collection where they just sat there for YEARS! One day, Julie Diniz posted several of her gowns on a dress form. A LIGHTBULB WENT OFF SO BRIGHT! I went online and bought one for under $50 and within a week, I sold not one but SIX gowns that had been overlooked there for years. There were singers literally begging me for some of them that were there for years! Best. Investment. Ever.

Here are some of the items you might want to invest in to input some listings. You can always phone a fellow diva friend and see if you can borrow their dress form. (People have done this in NYC, but I often tell them the price of a cab to and from is more expensive than just getting one of their own). I get it they take up space so, I’ll routinely let friends use one of mine! 

For those of you that simply do not have time to list your items, we will have divas that will take your items to photograph, measure and list for you for an hourly fee or by piece bundle fee. It’s pretty exciting!!!!!

Dress Form

My dress form is an XS with measurements that are generally size 4, as most of my merchandise doesn’t get much smaller than that. Occasionally, I work with professional models or individual styling/photography clients that I have to pull/purchase wardrobe that is on the smaller end, but usually my items are sizes 4-12, as those are sizes I’ve personally fluctuated at over the years. I sometimes find incredible 14/16 at private sales, wholesalers or warehouses that I frequent when acquiring new merchandise. We will be posting a tutorial using the technique one of our most frequent sellers on Opera Diva Dress Collection, Lacy Sauter, created when she was in the midst of selling ALL THE GOWNS to ALL THE DIVAS! You can find dress forms other places but if you are like me, you probably just want to use your Amazon Prime membership and have it sent quickly to your front door with minimal effort!

Let’s say you already have a dress form but it’s colorful. This is a GREAT option! I let my friend borrow mine which looks great in my apartment as it has a fun floral pattern but it is difficult to display the garments as the pattern is quite busy!

Solution: cover your form!

Storage Issue Option

If you don’t have room to store a full dress form, I can recommend one of these half forms. They come as a pair. So, maybe call your diva BFF who also sells, or wants to sell, on Shoperatic and give her one too! I would recommend getting industrial clamps as well to hold items from the back. As a note, I rarely list pants on shoperatic.com because it’s pretty much near impossible to put them on a dress form. (Please someone show me your ways!) However, I’ve found that these work great for pants. I sold both of mine because with 2 people, 2 dogs and 2 dress forms in 548 square feet, I felt like it was indulgent. 

I recommend getting a temporary hook and putting it up on a blank wall with a window beside it (again, if you have one) to make the photo look clear and professional so your item will sell quickly!

Industrial Clamps

These are easy to find at any hardware store. They aren’t expensive and work perfectly. I prefer the clamps with rubber tips, as they are more gentle on delicate fabrics. I usually only use 1, but if I am draping something on the form that is larger or more voluminous, I will sometimes use 2-3. These are the best and easiest investment you can possibly make with your dress form!

Selling Jewelry?

Earring Stands


Sometimes what you lay your items on makes ALL the difference. I’ve invested as little as $0.69 on one of my most popular backdrops…. a white poster board! I’ve also started collecting a variety of art paper, paper that looks like wood, paper that looks like tile, slabs of marble, sheepskin pelt, blankets and other items that take my item listing from GARAGE SALE to VOGUE in minutes! 


I love listing products with fresh flowers…. mostly it’s a great business deduction as I’m obsessed with having them in my house at all times but it can be a frivolous expense at times. I also have various stones, crystals and an assortment of little dooooodads that add to the atmosphere of my listings! 


Listen, DSLR cameras are very expensive and they aren’t easy to use unless you really study photography. My first camera was a Canon Rebel T6I with a kit lens and a 50mm “Shitty 50” that I used for a looooooog time before upgrading all of my gear as I discovered photography was a passion and something that I’m actually good at (with many many many hours of youtube university, lessons and coaching with my photography mentor/camera bestie Kaleigh Rae Photography). 

Phone Accessories

There are many attachments that you can get for your phone to make your photos look better. I love these little gadgets because sometimes I just don’t want to deal with my heavy a$$ camera or I want to just take a picture quick without it looking like a crummy iPhone photo!

Shipping Your Items

Polybags are great for sending items. You can get envelopes at the post office for free but, I’ve found using my own polybags is much easier and turns out to be more cost effective. I use different sizes for different types of items.