Eugenia Forteza, the Editor of the popular, @360ofOpera on Instagram (and her blog hosted on faced a dilemma. After several months abroad, she booked a plane ticket to make it back by 3PM to NYC in time to get dressed and off to the gala. A few days before her flight, she received a notification that her flight time was delayed by 7 hours. As a result, she would miss opening night. Since 360 is legit, EVERYWHERE…. she entrusted me with the task of going to opening night (I know…. twist my arm to hear Sondra and Joyce, two of the biggest opera stars of all times) and capture one of Opera’s most important nights. 

The weather was obscenely hot for a late September night feeling like we were in South Florida rather than NYC so, I took that into consideration when planning my outfit. Even though my business started off as a Facebook group to buy/rent gowns, I’m feeling pretty uninspired by formal gowns these days.  More important, an evening where I’d be sitting… the thought of boning pursing into my body or sitting in Spanx for several hours in heat clinging and rolling all over the place…. Ya, NO! 

For this performance, I planned my outfit around my accessories. As I’ve said on our Instagram account, I’ve been inspired by @AdvancedStyle a blog and Instagram account that features the style of women 60+. After meeting Tziporah Salamon, Terri Wong, and our now dear friend Masha Archer in San Francisco I’ve decided to push the limits of my personal style and truly wear whatever the hell I feel is inspiring me on any given day. We are preparing to sell Masha’s jewelry on next month so introducing these pieces to our users and expanding our audience is very important to us. Masha is one of the world’s most influential designers with collectors such as Olga Borodina, Sam Ramey, Frederica von Stade and celebs such as Beyoncé, Iris Apfel, the cast of Sex & the City and royalty from across the globe. Masha has been an advocate for the arts selling her pieces in the San Francisco Opera Shop for over 25 years and designing pieces for various opera productions. When the opportunity presented itself to meet Masha in her home, Sara and I were immediately rethinking our entire sense of style.


I paired Masha Archer’s “Red Butterfly Ascot” (Oprah has the other one), “Indian Stamped Discs & Cones Earrings”, and “Serpent Heads Bracelet” with a simple 1990s purple velvet sheath dress.

I was out shopping on Sunday and found these brand new really great embroidered ankle booties from one of my favorite consignment stores in Queens. What diva doesn’t love the pursuit of a good deal when an item doesn’t exist on Shoperatic? I wasn’t sure if boots with a long dress would look good but, I’m glad I trusted my instincts and picked them up. Keep on reading…. I found several similar pairs and even an identical pair to mine through an affiliate that will give a percentage of sales back to Shoperatic to keep our lights on! 

While the outfit stands alone well with the dress, jewelry and boots— I wanted to wear a kimono to show our diva community that they too can take traditional Asian pieces and wear them in life. This is a trend that you’ll be seeing around if my predictions are correct!

As I was entering the Metropolitan Opera House to pick up the ticket, Ruth Callahan from @LastNightAtTheMet immediately stopped me to photograph my outfit. As a follower of both of her instagram accounts, it was a #GOALS moment ! I hear from so many of you that you can’t “Pull off looks like mine but, you love them!” I’m going to tell you a little secret… YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO WEAR IF YOU WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE! 

Stay tuned for the launch of our new style channel where we highlight items I love and show you how to create #divaapproved looks!



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