Hello!!!  I am super excited to introduce myself to this amazing group of women. My name is Lauren McNeese, opera singer, mommy and now the proud owner of “Healthy Edge Studios”! I have been singing professionally for 16 years and loving every minute of it, but I have had another passion brewing under the surface for a few years that is finally ready to be fully expressed. Most of my adult life I have had issues with obsessive dieting and poor self-concept in relation to my physical body, which led me to find answers for myself at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 where I became certified as a Holistic Health Coach (HHC). That journey for self-healing almost 10 years ago, combined with the development of a chronic illness just 2 years ago, invigorated my interest in the power of holistic nutrition and is now the basis for my decision to combine my two loves of music and nutrition through “Healthy Edge Studios”.

It has been so much fun getting to know Suzanne and Sara and discover that we have many of the same concerns regarding challenges facing opera singers today. Never-before in the history of opera have the aesthetics of the physical body and its shape played such a large part in casting and how singers are reviewed by critics (especially women!!!). This trend of “body shaming” in our industry bothered me to such a degree that I wrote my dissertation on the topic. What I discovered was both enlightening and disturbing and gave me a burning desire to be an advocate for the health and wellness of performers. Intense cultural trends towards the super-slim combined with lifestyle stressors and a confusing, nutrient deficient food environment can make being the best, healthiest version of yourself quite difficult. Unfortunately, I cannot change the cultural trends or improve our food environment (BOY, do I wish I could!!!), but I can support those facing these challenges and offer my best advice to navigate this tricky environment.

SO! What does all this mean?! I am thrilled to be on Shoperatic as an advocate, a blogger, and an answerer (to the best of my ability) of all the questions regarding holistic health and nutrition. If I do not know the answer to a question I will dive into my many resources and dig one out for you! I will endeavor to provide this unique community with up-to-date nutritional information and encouraging support that will empower your everyday lives on and off the stage. I have a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition and intensely believe in bio-individuality. Everyone has their own optimal nutrition plan, and sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out what works best! I love to geek out on the latest food science research and will have so much fun sharing it while making it applicable to this community of performers and teachers. I do NOT represent any nutritional product. I only sell the idea of whole, traditionally prepared food. One caveat (for those of you who may have seen some of my posts on Facebook) is that I do sell Rodan and Fields skincare as a side hustle, but this will most likely be the last time you hear me talk about it in this forum. If you would like to hear my story about why I love, use and sell R +F products, please feel free to message me!

We are still working out the details but look for downloadable content, blog posts and announcements of lecture or seminars I may be holding in your area or via Facebook live! I am available as a personal Holistic Health Coach for those who are looking for more personalized plan and one on one support. Alongside the health coaching I also teach voice out of my home in McKinney, TX  and venture out to still sing a gig or two.☺ 

Sisters, my head and heart are full of ideas, useful tips and an overwhelming desire to be a source of encouragement and support for this amazing group of women.

For more information about “Healthy Edge Studios” please visit the new site and follow us on Instagram and Facebook!!


All the best!