I refuse to sing during that time of the month. Just kidding, I really like getting a paycheck, but wouldn’t it be nice to just take a day or a whole week off to avoid the fuzziness of my vocal folds during the dreaded visit of Aunt Flow?  Well, that is simply not an option for so many of us.  We often look for Over-the-counter meds or natural remedies to help us combat the bloating, irritability, fatigue, cramps, but also, since singers may experience a noticeable change in their voices during that time of the month, we are always looking for something to restore our voices while, at the same time, getting rid of the ickiness. 

Typically, when we have any ailments that affects our vocal chords, we try to drink warm tea with honey and lemon. The most suggested option on ODDC (the suggestion with the most people agreeing) during the menstrual cycle or pre-menstrual cycle is tea-whether it be tea with ginger, lemon, turmeric, honey, or some combination of all of it (lemon & honey and Turmeric & honey are the most recommended).  Most people recommend looking into remedies that not only directly help your voice during the period/PMS, but help your body continue to function throughout the year (As singers, we already do that to an extent), such as making sure you have iron rich food (because you’re losing blood and it slightly lowers your iron which may make you fatigued being fatigued affects your voice…we don’t want that.) and also omega-3s, avoid caffeine and alcohol during that time as it may put on extra strain on your folds on top of what is already happening. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders has a healthy list of things that can affect the voice and some ways to keep our folds healthy and ready to sing. 

What remedies do you recommend for singers during the menstrual cycle? or for combatting PMS?