What is Shoperatic?

Shoperatic is a peer to peer sharing marketplace connecting female performing artists and is also a hub for original content related to today’s professional performing arts industry. Shoperatic is home to the Opera Diva Dress Collection (ODDC), where users can buy, rent and sell apparel to fellow performing artists. The site also provides a centralized location for artists and vendors to advertise services and products that are applicable to the performing arts industry and engage in discussions and share advice about pertinent career needs.

What do I do if there is a problem with an item?

All conflict resolution will take place between the buyer and seller and will not involve Shoperatic Administrators. We encourage users to keep conflict resolution civil, since we are all dealing with colleagues and members of our singing community. See our Authenticity/Quality Code of Conduct for more details.

Why do you take measurements flat?

We find flat measurements to be the most accurate way to measure, because when you measure on a dress form or on a person, you end up getting the measurement of the form or person, not the actual garment. The other great thing about flat measurements is that it makes it easy for potential sellers to compare the flat measurements to items that they already own. The flat measurement is essentially half of the real measurement, so potential buyers can double it and compare it to their measurements if they are aware of them.

How Do I Sell My Items on Shoperatic?

How do I sell my items on Shoperatic?

Sign up to Be a Seller under My Account. Give the specified information.  Then, start listing. You can watch this great tutorial on Youtube, which is available in Shoperatic (formerly Opera Diva Dress Collection) and in the seller dashboard under Knowledgebase.

Can I still list items on Shoperatic (formerly) Opera Diva Dress Collection Facebook Group?

Not anymore. From now on, all listings will be done on Shoperatic.com. However, you can still post a link to your listing from Shoperatic to Facebook. That way, buyers can click the link and make the transaction without having to wait to see if they are in line for the item. Done!

Do my items automatically import to Shoperatic.com from Shoperatic (formerly) Opera Diva Dress Collection?

Unfortunately, they do not.  You will have to open a seller account and re-list your items. (Make sure you’ve saved your listings from the group in a document for easy access during the listing process.)

Can I still contact the seller directly on Shoperatic for purchases?

This is against the sellers terms to make sales outside of the group simply to work out a “deal” or avoid fees.

Can I contact the seller directly on Shoperatic for further questions?

Yes, you can. Each seller will have their own policy on how to contact them with additional questions, but on Shoperatic.com it is easier to provide the buyers with as much information about an item as possible, you may not need to contact the seller.

Is Opera Diva Dress Collection closing down?

Absolutely Not!  We will still use Shoperatic (formerly) Opera Diva Dress Collection Facebook group to talk about things that are important to opera divas around the world and to give you the opportunity to sell/rent things via listings on Shoperatic and posting the link in Facebook to advertise.

How do I search for things on Shoperatic?

On the right hand side of Shoperatic.com there is a search bar where you can search by size, color, measurements, fabric, length, brand etc.

How do I edit my items on Shoperatic?

There are a few ways to edit or delete items on Shoperatic, but two main ways. One way is to go to your Shop page where all of your listings are.  In the upper left hand corner there is the edit option (pencil) and the delete option (trash can).  The other way is to go through the Product Manager from the Seller Dashboard and delete or edit.

How do I buy things on Shoperatic?

It’s super simple now! Simply search for the item you want and then press Add to Cart. You can put multiple items in your card from multiple sellers and pay at one time via Paypal. Then, simply wait for your items to arrive!

How do I rent things on Shoperatic?

Almost the same as with buying, except you and the seller will need to arrange a date via email contact or via comment feature on the listing. In the near future, there will be a feature available to make scheduling easier.

How do I make payments on Shoperatic.com?

PayPal is the business partner for managing payment on Shoperatic.com.  They have a policy that protects the seller, buyer and the platform. With other payment types, it is difficult to make sure that Shoperatic remains a safe place for buying, selling, renting and promoting Diva Hustles.

What are Diva Hustles?

Diva Hustles are Diva owned businesses selling, whether they be a product, a rental, or a service provided to you on Shoperatic.com.  Anyone can be a #divawhohustles.

How can I advertise my listings?

Simply copy and paste the listing URL in the Shoperatic (formerly Opera Diva Dress Collection) or your own personal page to let people know your listing is ready for purchase.

What can I sell on Shoperatic?

Dresses, (formal, audition, cocktail, casual, etc.), Your own products or services, other items that you believe others would like to purchase, etc.  You cannot sell illegal knock-offs of designer items or stolen items on Shoperatic.com.

What do I need in able to get started with selling on Shoperatic?

You need something to sell and preferably proper materials to display your items (Dress Form and professional photos of each item are strongly suggested, especially if you intend to make this your Diva Hustle.) Here are some tips and products you can purchase to get started.

What if the dress I bought doesn't fit. Can I resell on Shoperatic.com like we did in the group?

Yes, you can. If something doesn’t fit, you are able to re-post it for sale on Shoperatic.com, just as you would have in the group. If you plan to use the original seller’s photos, please ask permission first.

Where did my old listings go on Shoperatic (formerly) Opera Diva Dress Collection?

They are still there, but selling through the FB group is now against seller policy and is subject to deletion.  You can save your photos and text in a document to make it easier for you to make your listings on  Shoperatic.com.

What is Exclusive Content?

Exclusive Content includes blogs, interviews, content by guest writers and other professionals in response to issues that have been posted on Shoperatic/ODDC or by Diva’s with hustles.  This will be videos, photos, text, collaborations, the 360 of Opera Blog run by Eugenia Forteza, and tips and so cannot simply be considered a blog. Think of it as a place to have your burning questions answered by experts, from birth control, PMS, IUDs, to jewelry to wardrobe and wardrobe malfunctions.  If you have a question, post it on Shoperatic (formerly Opera Diva Dress Collection) group and we find experts to give you constructive advice and comprehensive answers.

Can I still find awesome dresses through the Shoperatic (formerly Opera Diva Dress Collection) group or to get advice when I need help with finding something or help for an event?

Absolutely. This is one of the main reasons that the group will stay open. Although Shoperatic.com is the primary source of sales, Shoperatic/ODDC is still the community building location for opera divas. Encourage each other, give advice, work through issues, share good days, bad days, triumphs and failures.  Shoperatic has been and always will be the ultimate support group for opera divas and will still be open for you and divas around the globe.

Wondering how to start? Become a seller now to list your items and access all the tutorials from your Vendor Dashboard → Knowledgebase on the left menu :)