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Ace of Lace

Last year, lace topped the list as one of the biggest trends we saw in audition wear. Kim and our friend, Morgan from Wolf Trap Opera, commented on the prevalence of lace (especially in white) and jumpsuits popping up in their annual tour of auditions last fall.   If...

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Safe to Sensational

Our shoot with dear friend, beautiful soprano, and Shoperatic.com website designer/developer Maya Kherani was such a breeze that we finished our scheduled look in record time and found ourselves with time for one more outfit. The camera just LOVES this girl! Maya had...

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Makeup with Marina Costa-Jackson

Marina Costa-Jackson is a singer that has always been interesting to me. The Costa-Jackson gene pool is fascinating, because all three sisters Ginger, Marina and Miriam sing. I often think about how nice it must be to have two other closets I could pull...

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Ginger Costa-Jackson at Opéra Garnier

Back in July when I started this #360ontheroad adventure, I met Marina Costa-Jackson at Opéra Bastille for her run as Micaëla in Carmen. Somehow the planets aligned and I ended up being in Paris to wrap up the trip at the same time her mezzo-soprano sister, Ginger...

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Be a Friend

Guide to being friends with singers who might be your “competition.” Once upon a time, Renata Tebaldi, responding to a claim that Callas made accusing her of having no backbone, said that Maria had no heart. Callas, allegedly said comparing her rival’s voice was “like...

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Could your IUD be changing your voice?

Photo of Kaleigh Gamaché's healthy vocal folds used with her permission Vindhya Khare, D.M.A. Coordinator of Vocal Studies Florida International University, Miami Could your hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) have the potential to change your...

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Let’s talk: IUDs

IUDs (Intrauterine Devices) have been the cause of much discussion on ODDC. Everyone seems to have similar concerns and questions about them, so here is some basic info, and a summary from our discussions in the forum. IUDs are Long-acting reversible...

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