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Keep the Drama at the Bottom

Dressing for a large size venue can be tricky. Often, what looks fabulous up close doesn’t read well from the back of the house. Not to toot my own horn (toot toot), but I am an expert on gowns having worn many of them in concert format and helping countless singers...

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Makeup with Marina Costa-Jackson

Marina Costa-Jackson is a singer that has always been interesting to me. The Costa-Jackson gene pool is fascinating, because all three sisters Ginger, Marina and Miriam sing. I often think about how nice it must be to have two other closets I could pull...

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Liz Cab on life, career and being a woman. New York City was lucky to have Elizabeth Caballero around this past Fall. While working at The Metropolitan Opera and singing Carmina Burana at David Geffen Hall were her main engagements, she took...

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The Importance of Being Selfish

Last summer, my husband and I got into a huge argument when I said, “I will always do what is in my best interest regardless of how it effects anyone else.” Selfishness is generally perceived as a terrible way to operate within society. To do what we do as singers,...

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As singers, we all come to a point where we need a change! In the past 4 years since starting Opera Diva Dress Collection, I cannot begin to tell you how much has changed. While I am the same person, I’ve grown so much as a woman transitioning from being solely a...

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Let’s Talk: Your Voice and PMS

I refuse to sing during that time of the month. Just kidding, I really like getting a paycheck, but wouldn’t it be nice to just take a day or a whole week off to avoid the fuzziness of my vocal folds during the dreaded visit of Aunt Flow?  Well, that is...

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Could your IUD be changing your voice?

Photo of Kaleigh Gamaché's healthy vocal folds used with her permission Vindhya Khare, D.M.A. Coordinator of Vocal Studies Florida International University, Miami Could your hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) have the potential to change your...

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