Suzanne Vinnik, Co-Owner & CEO

Sara Duchovnay, Co-Owner & Executive Director

Errin Hatter, Associate Director of Operations

Kaleigh Rae Gamaché, Creative Visual Media Associate



Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Favorite city in the world: It used to be NYC but LA has won my heart!

Favorite Outfit: Athleisure paired with a kimono, embroidered boots, feather hat and some Huichol that I got from Claudia Chapa!

If I weren’t a singer I would be … a TV personality on a talk show!

I see myself in 5 years … presiding over one of the top opera companies in the world.


What is your proudest accomplishment? I never thought that my dream would be running a tech startup with a community of thousands of singers…. Shoperatic.com was more exciting to me than when I got my first contract to sing my dream role! There’s nothing better than knowing I’ve done something that helps so many singers who were in my place a few years ago confused about what do do with their lives…. this business for sure made me a better person!

Soprano & Shoperatic Co-Owner, Suzanne Vinnik has appeared with some of the leading regional opera houses and international concert stages throughout her career and has been praised by critics of The New York Times as a “stylish lyric soprano”  with a “voice notable for its dramatic nuance” and by Opera News as “Refreshing…[With] beautifully molded, vividly communicative phrasing.”

Known in the opera world for her daring fashion sense and her ability to provide innovative solutions for other women, Suzanne saw a need for a specialized marketplace for women in classical music, thus creating Shoperatic. The online marketplace is now home to over 11k+ female identifying professionals in the classical music industry which provides not only consignment access to high end fashion, but a body positive support system with an emphasis on feminine strength, power, and success allowing artists a captive audience to start businesses, save money and supplement their income.

Suzanne has always been a performer and a fashionista for as long as she can remember.  She appeared on the Las Vegas Strip as, “The Littlest Diva” at the age of eight where her fascination with all that was shiny, neon and over the top began. In addition to singing worldwide and #CEOLIFE you can usually find her with a Canon 5D MarkIII around her neck photographing fellow opera divas and their male counterparts with some Ricordi score in her bag of gear, styling for private clients and other photographers, curating collections of luxury brand goods and vintage apparel or hosting and performing in concerts with Sing For Hope throughout NYC…. you know, “Being more than one thing!”

Vinnik is an alumnus of the Opera Studio di Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy where she studied and performed under the tutelage of Renata Scotto. She holds a B.M. in Vocal Performance from Texas Christian University with additional studies at Mannes College of Music. She spent over one hundred hours in a business mentorship program in New York City while operating a Airbnb business as she’s always been a proponent of the sharing economy. Favorite brands include Betsey Johnson, Zandra Rhodes, Black Halo, Roberto Cavalli, Pucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nanette Lepore, and Cinq a Sept.

“Leopard is a neutral.” -Suzanne Vinnik

Sara Duchovnay, Co-Owner & Executive Director of Operations

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Favorite City in World: New Orleans is pretty awesome…Florence doesn’t suck either (but we wouldn’t be able to bring the RV)

Favorite Outfit: Black dress and ALL the accessories

If I weren’t a singer I’d be: A therapist or a writer

In 5 years I see myself:  Doing the same things on a grander scale…singing on my dream stages, traveling in a fancier RV, running Shoperatic.com as a billion dollar corporation (with help and people to delegate to because $$$), wearing amazing things, and investing in other businesses.

Vintage or contemporary- Vintage all the way! 1950s,1960s, and 1970s are my favorite decades…most of my contemporary favorites mirror silhouettes from those decades too.

Proudest accomplishment- When other women tell me that they have paid their bills, paid off credit cards, moved out of unhappy of unhealthy living situations, and felt confident about themselves in a new way because they can now call themselves business women in addition to performers, I feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

Soprano and Shoperatic co-owner Sara Duchovnay is currently enjoying an active operatic and concert career throughout the US. She has been described as a “standout” by the San Francisco Chronicle, “radiantly voiced” by LA Weekly, and praised for her “beautiful upper register” by Opera News.

Performing, fashion, and business always loomed large in her list of life priorities. Sara grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia where she spent her childhood holding her family hostage while she put on one-woman shows for hours, and held the most lucrative lemonade stands in the Tri-State area. She spent her teenage years avoiding Vera Bradley and Abercrombie and Fitch, puzzling her classmates with off-the-wall thrifted outfits, and announcing her arrival with the sounds of opera which flowed from her 1990’s Camry as it approached the school.

While completing her Masters in Music at the San Francisco Conservatory, Sara successfully flipped her first piece of San Francisco Bay Area real estate, and over the next 8 years renovated and flipped 3 different properties in Oakland and Berkeley. This diva can demo a wall and lay a tile backsplash with the best of them! Real estate and home renovation awoke within her a desire to find beauty in old things and connect people with items that brought them great joy, but Sara needed another business endeavor that required less of an initial investment than houses and would be possible to do from the road while she was away on gigs! From this desire was born her first fashion resale and vintage business, through which she cultivated relationships with vintage and high-end fashion vendors all around the country. A business that allowed her to decompress after rehearsal and engage in her favorite activity (shopping) without guilt laid a large portion of the groundwork for what would later become Shoperatic.com

“I bring operatic glam to trailer parks all across America”-Sara Duchovnay

KALEIGH RAE GAMACHÉ, Creative Visual Media Associate

Coloratura Soprano and Owner/Photographer/Videographer Kaleigh Rae Gamaché is currently performing on international stages while traveling as a full-time wedding photographer and videographer.  She is known for her Queen of the Night, roles in Somtow Sucharitkul’s Das Jati world premiere operas in Bangkok, Thailand with Opera Siam, as well as reviving the one-woman monodrama in the title role in The Diary of Anne Frank.  “Gamaché, singing effortlessly in the stratosphere… She plucked pitches from thin air, sang with easy production, and frolicked, slunk, and served in her various guises with convincing aplomb,” a praise by Urban Milwaukee for her work in her favorite role as the Maid in Thomas Adès’ Powder Her Face with Skylight Music Theatre.

After her studies in Germany at the Folkwang Universität der Künste, Kaleigh worked simultaneously as a published food photographer for restaurants and hospitality groups  in Milwaukee.  Her detail-oriented and candid photography style brought her to NYC, where she began to take on international weddings and elopements, while scheduling food and Shoperatic shoots during the week.  She enjoys volunteering and teaching German to kids, and as well performing as the opportunities arise.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite City in World: Heidelberg, Germany / Bangkok, Thailand / but also, I LOVE New Orleans

Favorite Outfit: LAYERS / high-waisted black jeans with a vintage wrap top + some high heels (BAM)

If I weren’t a singer I’d be: A photographer or food stylist

In 5 years I see myself:  Living in a small, historic, renovated house with a few pups, lots of land within 30 miles of a city to hop on a plane to go wherever.  I’d have a studio in a city or in our attic/shed.  This house might be in Germany and I’ll be teaching, photographing (making memories, y’all) and singing.

Vintage or contemporary- vintage and weird