People often ask me for my hair care routine….. it’s all about my tools and using high quality products that keep my hair looking healthy. On both sides of my family, everyone seems to have a lot of hair! I’m positive my genetics play a huge role in my hair game. Because I travel often, I cannot always visit my colorist. If I’m going to remain a blonde, I have to treat my hair with kindness.

I’ve used a lot of shampoos and conditioners… I SWEAR by this Marula Oil Shampoo & Conditioner from Paul Mitchell!!!! I’ve cheated on them and regret it EACH.AND.EVERY.TIME ! Whenever I condition my hair, I use this Ouidad Double Comb on my hair while I am in the shower. It’s easier to get out any major tangles while I have conditioner. When my hair is starting to turn brassy, I will switch out my shampoo and conditioners for Color Craft from Paul Mitchell formulated by my colorist. When I run out of that, I’ve found that Fanola No Yellow shampoo works really well to extend the life of my color. It is less drying than many of the other purple shampoos I’ve experimented with since going blonde. I use my comb to make sure I’ve evenly applied the shampoo and follow with Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Hair Mask which doesn’t leave a gross residue! I try to keep my hair as hydrated as I possibly can. I’ve found that marula oil doesn’t oxidize my hair color the way other oils do like argan. When I’m out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and then brush it with this Wet Brush Pro Detangle Brush  and let it air dry unless I have to take my dog out or leave the house especially in the winter. I try to not blow dry my hair but when I do, I use this Baby Bliss PRO Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer. I really want to get the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer after using one of my friend’s over the summer. It was amazing but, I just haven’t had the extra coins to do it yet.



I am obsessed with my Mason Pearson Brush that I found one night at a store massively discounted for no reason. I’ve wanted one of these brushes for as long as I can remember. If there is one thing on this list that I can recommend, it’s this brush! There is a reason why the company has not changed the design in over a hundred years. My brush has a lifetime warranty. Trust me, you will seriously never regret this brush that brings the oils from your roots down to your ends. I think it is the secret to why I don’t have to wash my hair as often as most people (generally once a week… sometimes longer)!

I think a people believe I spend a lot of time doing my hair….. I actually try to spend as little time getting ready because I have so much hair it can be really frustrating to have to do it. Most of my time getting my hair to not look like a rats nest occurs in the shower. My favorite hairstyling hack is putting my hair in two ponytails and curling them. I’ll give it a good shake afterwards and maybe hit the front pieces once over. It takes me all of about 15 minutes at the most! I’ve used my Hot Tools Curling Iron 1 and 1/4 for a solid ten years before mine finally died. I was using  a curling iron I bought in Russia with an adapter until Kaleigh gave me her old one when she switched to the Hot Tools 1.25 Curling Bar that works really well too.

I’ll sometimes finish off my hair with some Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo…. It’s leopard…. obviously, I picked it for the packaging (and because it works)! On those days I’m not washing my hair, I just use my Mason Pearson brush hoping that I can extend the life of my hairstyle so I can just focus on getting out the door after hitting snooze about eight times in the mornings. I hope this “Shoperable” article was helpful. Please make purchases through these links as Shoperatic will earn dozens of pennies off of your purchases (if we are lucky)! Pennies motivate me to write more articles for your reading enjoyment! 🙂

With Vibrato, Legato, & Love