Guide to being friends with singers who might be your “competition.”

Once upon a time, Renata Tebaldi, responding to a claim that Callas made accusing her of having no backbone, said that Maria had no heart. Callas, allegedly said comparing her rival’s voice was “like comparing champagne to Coca-Cola.” Years later, Maria was falling out of the spotlight with many major houses. Tebaldi said to Oggi Magazine, “I shall not sing at La Scala if Maria Callas does not sing in the same season.”

We promise you it’s more fun to be a friend than a foe. Here are some helpful tips if you find it difficult to be friends with singers who you perceive as your competition:

  • GET THE F*%& OVER YOURSELF! You are not the only singer who knows La bohème…and neither is she.
  • Cultivate interests other than opera. Nobody wants to talk about your audition repertoire at happy hour. We know there is more about you that makes you interesting!
  • Find joy in your life so you can be truly happy for other singers when they have success.
  • Keep in mind, life is hard for all of us. No one’s life is perfect and we all need good friendships!


•You might just find that they are really fun people to shop for on Shoperatic and watch reality tv shows together from opposite places in the world…the amount of internet friendships that ODDC has sparked is astounding….and yes, between women who sing the exact same rep!

Having fach-friends has some other great perks…..

•They might give you the heads up if the maestro on your next gig doesn’t cue.



•If they can’t do a gig and someone asks…they’ll likely recommend you!

•Holding grudges will only make your acid reflux worse!!!!

•They could just be your new BFF! YAY!