It is no secret that 360° of Opera can be many places at the same time. I am a nomad and I love using international social media platforms to collaborate with artists around the world. 360 is a mirror of what the opera world is: a big melting pot of collaborative artists.

But this time, I will be hitting the road myself. New York City is a magical place but we all need a break from it from time to time to explore all the wonderful things the world has to offer. Two and a half months in Europe, between July and September, during which I plan to bring 360° of Opera with me everywhere I go. But fear not, we will also have coverage of all the exciting things happening in the United States, including Shoperatic’s big launch!

France, Italy, Germany and other locations I have yet to decide on, because sometimes you need to not plan everything in advance. This is that time. One thing is for certain, there will be LOTS of Opera.

My one suitcase, my camera and I are looking forward to the adventure… and praying to the Internet Gods for good WiFi!