Collaboration is the root of all meaningful art. No artist, no performance, no piece can ever come to life without it. 360° of Opera has taken on the mission to put these layers of collaboration to light. Through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Shoperatic we want to show all the aspects that make opera the complex and beautiful art form that it is.
We strongly believe that most of the magic needs to happen backstage before a performance or performer can succeed on the stage. We strive to educate audiences as well as soloists on this matter. Appreciating the hard-working artists behind the scenes is necessary for any opera audience member as well as performer. Our goal is to help create a deeper love for the creative process that leads up to an operatic performance.

360 is exciting, fun, fresh and fueled by a deep love for opera, as well as the belief that opera is in constant positive evolution. The opera world is full with talented, valuable and interesting people, who when connected in the right manner, can become unstoppable. In the Fall of 2016, Opera Diva Dress Collection/Shoperatic founder Suzanne Vinnik-Richards contacted 360 to offer a platform where a full blog could be hosted. Within a few months, this collaboration has been fantastic and a wonderful learning experience. Shoperatic is a place where all sorts of people involved with the business of opera can interact and help each other. Many ODDC members are multifaceted artists with successful side businesses, which we help promote and support. We hope to contribute to the ODDC/Shoperatic community through our stories and by showing the world of opera from a different angle.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us and we look forward to collaborating with opera lovers and artists from around the world. Please stop by regularly by Shoperatic and our Social Media accounts (@360ofopera) to stay in touch and see what we are up to. Contact us with your ideas at [email protected]

360° of Opera